Wednesday, October 5, 2011

lagi sarap :P

can i hope a real true romantic love story?
am i weird to hope something like this?
am i strange?
i let you think like that cause i don't care
i just want to find a real true romantic love story 
a soulmate that is really destined for me
an amazing imagination that i dream of
a sweet word that probably comes from you
don't know what to do, but really hope that you will be the last
don't know when i will meet you, but really hope that it will be one of the greatest time in my life
eventhough nothing's in the world that will last forever
can't i hope a real true romantic love story?
and a happy ending ever after of course :)

NB :
maaf, lagi2 dengan grammar yang sangat kacau, mungkin grammarnya ilang, sudah terbang melayang dan meliuk-liuk bersama burung hantu di kegelapan malam XD *sambil lirik adek kedua hihihihihi

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