Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Girl Inspiration - Zooey Deschanel

Hi guys ^^, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.... You know what? I'm really happy to be here again and then start writing again... write everything that comes to my mind :D
Now I am in the middle of watching Western series!!
Okaaay, so do you know about 'New Girl'?

I know that it was aired from long time ago, and I have just started to watch it and still from First Season Chapter hahahaha...
Actually I have 'New Girl' First Season Chapter from long time ago, but I never ever touched it. And I don't know why, suddenly this series makes me interested. Maybe I just felt bored with the dramas and movies I usually watched. And moreover I love to watch anything drama or movie from anywhere... hmmm, okaay, except thriller genre or movie that have many blood or sadistic scenes... Oh My God, i choose to watch horror genre instead :P

Back to New Girl..... :D
The series told us about Jess, that have been dumped by her boyfriend and starting to live with 3 boys that put in advertisement about one empty room in their flat. And finally they-four-people-different-sex-and-character get together in one place!! I swear I just can laugh out loud watched their foolish action.

I love how production team package  humors, meaning, friendship, love and life in just 20 minutes for each episodes.And I really love the way how the Western makes joke... sometimes bawdy, idiot and unpredictable, sometimes using parable and then sometimes makes me think more, in smart ways of course :p
I am wondering how they can manage their life and respect each other when living together :D ... watch! watch! watch! \(>.<)/

And I really love Jess!! Well, I know she's such weird-autistic girl that sometimes expressing her emotion too well with sing unreasonable songs made by herself. And she's such another people that is entangled too much with her own life. But that's the reason that make she (i mean this series too) is more interesting. I think she's just being herself and she's really like that. She's enjoy herself and I respect that. She is so she is.

And then the way how she dress, i think that's amazing, simple but really loveable, so girly, vintage, simple and retro outfit i think.. That's really inspired me a lot. And next time maybe I will post my fashion post that inspired from her outfit.

How about the outfit? What do you think?
Aren't the outfits cute, are they? So cute!! \\(>___<)//
Wondering those outfits will suitable for me or not...
But even though those outfits are not suitable for me but I think the style was so matching with Jess and her personality in this 'New Girl' series.
I really love her style.
And personally I love Zooey Deschanel and Jess of course :)

And that hair!! Okay.... hello girls... who don't want that hair??? (>_____<)

See you in my another random post :)
With Love


  1. Blog bosok,admin e mambu.


    1. Anonim --> gak gentle
      Sedih gue ngeliat orang orang kek gini hahahaha

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