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Miyavi's Live Concert in Indonesia

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[09 October 2012]
The one thing (honestly many things :9) I still can’t forget (i think i will not ever forget that moment, NEVER) and even I, myself still think that it was a dream \\(>___<)//

It’s like the stars are hitting me all over my  body.  And i change myself into a fortune goddess. You must not believe it but I MEET that Japanese Samurai Guitarist. I MEET THAT PERSON DIRECTLY! He standing in front of me. That person!! That person that has hobby to slap his guitar. Can i explode now? CAN I EXPLODE NOW????
I can’t tell you about the details. I just can tell you that at that time I was like busy person in busy hour (5 p.m when people came back from their work) in a cab travelled from Jakarta Utara - Jakarta Timur - Jakarta Pusat (Alhamdulillah, i'm not late \\(^^)//). 

He really kindhearted, so kindhearted!! And he’s so friendly, i don’t believe that when i remember he is a rockstar, many of tattoos and arrogant. BUT NO!!! Eventhough he is really tired because of the trip and traffic jam in Jakarta, he’s still so friendly to us, had little chat with us and he waving his hand continuosly when we looked at him. Oh My God.. I never regretted become his fans from a long long long time ago. And you know what?? He’s so manly and gentle to fans!! I felt his gentleman behavior by myself so I could say that! *aarrrgghh can forget about the time when he treated me as a lady, his precoius fans, ah i’m like a princess that time.. I LOVE YOU MIYAVI!!! Thanks for the your sign :* :* :* :*  and i must accept the reality... YOU ARE SO FCKIN HANDSOME!! He’s soooooooo handsome in reality...!!!! Oh My God, where I can find a husband like Melody’s husband? I guess, I felt jealous to Melody that time (hmm.. actually I felt jealous everytime LOL). This will be great memory ever. My really precious memory ever. I never imagine that I can meet him directly, meet face to face with my Miyavi~san. He usually just come in my dream or my imagination. But that time is not imagination. I really meet him. And i can felt that his hand is so warm. I shaked too much that time. I want to cry that time. Thanks God.. Thanks you make my dream to meet Miyavi~san come true. Thanks God.

thanks for the sign Miyavi~san *bow, hope u still keep my gift ^^, so we have couple Tshirt *LOL

And after I meet that Samurai Japanese Guitaris, I went to Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta to change the receipts, and I GOT THE REAL TICKET!!!!!!! I GOT IT FINALLY!! Aahh.. happy.. Still remembered when Miyavi said “You go tomorrow right?” “See you tomorrow” *dies.

[10 October 2012]
And the time goes so quickly, but the memories of the night before haven’t faded away from my head *Oh My God, pleaseeee, how come I will forget that moment??? I WILL NOT FORGET IT!!! NEVER!!! FOREVEEEER!!! It’s so impossible for me to forget it. Yeahhhhhh!!!! \(^0^)/
I couldn’t sleep well that night because I was imagine many things that maybe happened in concert, and I really couldn’t hide my curiousity and my desire to watch the Miyavi’s Live Concert as soon as possible.

And so, it’s THE DAY!! DAY 1 of Miyavi’s Live Concert in Indonesia. Jakarta time guys!!!

With very anxiety in me and the hard-fast-beating heart, I prepared all I maybe need in the concert like ticket (Oh My God, the one and the only one that I must not forget is the ticket!! Because you must know it is the MOST important thing in my wallet that time, maybe I can’t watched the concert if the ticket is lost), souvenir for my sister (Tshirt that has been signed by Japanese Samurai Guitarist (^^)), pocket camera, handphone, my wallet of course, tissue and the one that I didn’t forget too is my stiff paper that is written “MIYAVI” and love2 picture there kkkkkkkk :p .

I left home at 2 p.m and then i tried to find a cab. And then, I got a cab not long time when I was waiting. But the seriously thing happened that time! The traffic jam was very crowded and I didn’t have any idea what really happened out of there. I was stuck!! I really cursed the road that time. I want to crying when i was in a cab because the traffic seriously kill me!! (TT_TT). And the bad thing happened again. The driver took the wrong way OTL ..Oh My, it’s enough! Really want to cry that time. But fortunately, i was still be grateful because I was still lucky and I could came to Hard Rock Cafe soooo ontime. THANKS GOD, I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOU GOD!! I was at the venue, that is Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, from 03.30 p.m. I came too early, and yes, i know about that..
And here is the video message of Miyavi~san for Indonesia fans, enjoy the handsome man dude (^^)/ :

The most important thing that you must know from this concert : The concert was very hilarious!! TOTALLY HILARIOUS!! And the thing that you need know is it’s the coolest concert i’ve ever watched (fyi... i watched two concert already, this one is include to the two concerts kkkkkkkkkk :p)

I was joining to queue at 7 p.m and I rather regretted it because actually i can queue more early so I could get the front place. But it’s okay, I was still in 3rd row and I feel the live’s concert is really exclusive one ;) .. And, when I entered the venue, the atmosphere is really different, I could say that people gathered there because they really curious about Miyavi~san. They gathered there because they love him, love his music. 

We wait for about 2 hours until finally at 9 p.m DJ FunkyGong opened the showcase. But Miyavi~san haven’t be at stage yet. At 9.30 p.m his soundman (i don’t know the name, Oguro-san maybe?) started to prepare all Miyavi~san need (like towel or mineral water) and checked the sound of guitar, microphone and so on. And we can’t wait more patience again anymore. We started to scream Miyavi~san’s name. Then, at 10 p.m the Miyavi’s Live Concert was really begun. Miyavi~san and Bobo~san came down from the second floor and the audience welcoming them very great. Okay.. That’s, the Samurai Japanese Guitarist was in front of US!! How come we couldn’t be hysterical??!! Oh My God! Never imagine before I could saw his performance with my own eyes. I was very excited!!!!

when stage still empty and suddenly Miyavi's there!!! \\(^^)//
When Miyavi~san had been already on the stage, I was really speechless, I just could fall silent like stone at spot where I was standing. I just can’t scream his name and in a state of oblivion because of bliss. I was drown in Miyavi~san’s shadow in the stage. Between people that shouting Miyavi~san’s name and the euphoria that happened that time I just could observe each Miyavi~san’s movement in the stage. I just could kept my eyes on him and waited for any surprise that maybe gave in by man that has titled ‘Japanese Samurai Guitarist’. I just couldn’t took my eyes away from him because honestly I was afraid not see every detail of what he did from the place I was standing.
And the shows was go on, Miyavi~san started to play his guitar with his unique way (you know, by slapping his guitar \\(^o^)//) and introduced himself.  The first song was “What’s My Name” and the audience was really hilarious when heard the song and saw Miyavi~san was playing the guitar. We were really excited!! And really, i just ever watched concert once, but I felt that time, in second concert that I watched, that is Miyavi’s Live Concert, was really really really and really different. I don’t know whether it because of antusiasm of audience that really big, snapping sound from Bobo~san’s drum that echoing in our heart, guitar sound from Miyavi~san that break our silence, the colorful aura from the stage or the emotional feeling that we felt together. The togetherness that could be felt by me, Miyavi~san, Bobo~san, Miyavi Crew and Co-Miyaviz. I could feel the beat that time. Eventhough it’s just guitar sound, drum sound and Miyavi’s voice. It felt not need instruments anymore. GENIUS!! EXCELLENT!! And i think all of people in the venue felt the same thing that I felt that time. The noisy voices and euphoria of audience can’t beat the Miyavi~san’s singing voice and his guitar. I even heard all of  the words that Miyavi~san sung very clearly (eventhough if I sing the song by myself, it felt like I was reading spell curse :p). 

This is the video that my sister recorded, enjoy it eventhough it's not full version and so many noises *because all people jump and scream, mmmm.. guess, who scream 'miyavi miyavi' in that video? *LOL
Ahh.. don't miss the kiss-bye in 1:28 XDDDD


We jump together, we scream together. Really can’t forget about the first impression. Yeah dude!! Miyavi~san was starting to rock all of us that night. GET READY!!!!!!

Cameras and handphones of the audience still busy to record the precious moment and made that moment to be the memory of the part of their life. Well, watched Miyavi’s Live Concert exclusively. So, eventhough I rather disturbed with that cameras that blocked my eyes to the stage, I tried to understand that things. Well, they just want to keep the memories with Miyavi~san. I think it’s not wrong, but if they do it after third song.. hmmm i just speechless, because taking photo and recording video just only permitted until the third song and I agree with the rule because you know (eventhough i really want to take picture or record it so much), we came to watch our idol act in the stage, we came to watch the artist performance, not just record fan video. And my guess was right, I still remembered when Miyavi~san finally  said “Put down your fuckin camera and handphone, and feel my beat!” . As you know, even Miyavi~san want us that came to his concert to watch his “slapping” performance, go crazy together through music and share happiness with him, not just record. And the second song is “Survive”, really love the guitar sound in starting point of the song and well, it’s time to jump guys, and SCREAM!! I love the song so much.. Honestly, i love all Miyavi’s songs XD

Then, the third song was “No no no”. When he screams with “No no no” lyrics, we replied with same lyrics. The fourth song was “Ossan Ossan Ore Nanbo”. Like the song before, we replied with same lyrics too. We were sing together with him.. Come on!! Let’s get ROCK!! Rock Time!!!

And i still remembered when all of audience called his name many times, he was drinking at that time and i really can felt that he was so shock when he knows we ALL calling his name. Eventhough he looks so shock but i can felt that he was smile at that time too. Cutie face ever Miyavi~san.. Oh I’m sorry you are a ROCK star!! (Can’t i called u “cutie” now? :p). And I remembered he was throwing the mineral water to us, it was part of the performance and hhhmmm.. a little bit imposition to make audience not record him anymore (maybe :p)

The fifth song was “Ganryu”! Great song! Great guitar melody!! I just can say that all Miyavi’s songs are great.. Am I the over one? Hahahahaha.... The sixth song was “Chillin Chillin Money Blues”. This song was so great. When it’s in reff we trying to join Miyavi~san to sing but unfortunately many of us don’t know the lyrics, so the lyrics change to “Taritararara-Taritararara” and Miyavi~san just smile and join sing “Taritararara” with us *LOL.
The nexth song was “Please Please...”.. Oh My God, i was so happy when he sing this. It was my really favourite song in Miyaviuta~dokusou album. And i sing with him. Love it! Love it!
nee Darlin' Please, Please oitekanaide, Please, Please nee onegai
 zutto zutto anata no soba de yume wo mitetai no
anata no tonari de anata no yume ga mitai no

kusa ya hana ga mizu nashi ja sakenai you ni

hito ga yume nashi ja ikirenai you ni, watashi mo... dakara

nee Darlin' Please, Please oitekanaide, Please, Please nee, onegai

BAKA da tte koto gurai wakatteru, wakatteru kara

mou sukoshi, mou sukoshi dake BAKA na ko de isasete yo

zenbu anata no tame ja nai, watashi no tame na no

anata ni senbu sasageru no wa watashi no tame na no... dakara

nee Darlin' nee Darlin Please, Please oitekanaide Please, Please nee Onegai

nee Darlin Please, Please hitori ni shinaide,

Please, Please nee onegai

semete yume no naka no anata to deau made de

ii kara ii kara
gyutto gyutto te nigittete yo, onegai... dakara

nee darlin...Please.

Miyavi said “This is my first time in Jakarta. I am really happy in here. Happy good time people, beautiful girls, crazy audience, enjoy this music, i love you!” YEAAHHH.. WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!

And then “Jibun Kakumei”, it was the third song that I have in my mp3 player at 2004!Hahahahaha... I love this song! Really love it! But this song played too short. But anyway I’m happy hearing this song direclty from the original singer.

And then “Selfish Love”, he played the guitar very very well!! My eyes exploring his hand when he played the song. I can’t take my eyes from him, from his hand, from his guitar. And i can’t take my thought to anywhere else, but just beside of him. And finally I can watch with my own eyes! He’s “slapping” style. His unique style to play guitar!

And then “We Love You Sekai wa Kimi o Aishiteru”. We sing together in this song. Oh my God, i never forget the togetherness we got when we sang this song. We Love You Miyavi~san!! \(^o^)/. And then “Universe”, this song was about the world. So Cool!!! And then “Day1”... Like This Song! Love This Song! Hey, Miyavi~san I have same Tshirt with you.. Love it?

And then “Sutorongu”.. I really excited when heard this soong!!! And then “Subarashiki Ka Na, Kono Sekai”, Oh My God, yo dude, you can rap now?? Cool!! So cool!! Mawaru mawaru, my world is spinning around Miyavi~san now *LOL

And then “FUTURISTIC LOVE a.k.a Fu~yucharisutikku love”, it was last the song, i love this song and it makes me more crazy when i heard the song.. JUMP JUMP JUMP, till the night was over!!! "Race Gender Generation Nation Language Culture Religion History , BE ONE!!!"

When in encore time (after he changed his clothes on the second floor), he suddenly record us with his phone.. Oh MY GOD!! I don’t know what to do but just screaming Miyavi~san’s name. Even Miyavi~san recorded US!!! Co-Miyaviz from Indonesia. May us proud because of that? And other surprise thing too, he introduced himself in Bahasa Indonesia. And it really make us more more more and more excited! *thanks to LO anyway :D . He spoke in Bahasa Indonesia so well XD ... Smart Daddy! *LOL
“Hai Indonesia! Apa kabar?”
“Nama gue Miyavi”
“Gue dari Tokyo”
“Gue seneng bisa kemari”
“Gimana bahasa Indonesia gue?”

When he got gift from his fans and opened it in stage, he found ‘blankon’ (traditional hat from Java) and 3 bandanas from ‘batik’. He shocked when he saw bandanas and asked “ What’s this?” with his weird face. And when we replied “It’s for you. It’s for you”.
Miyavi said “I know that, i know that, but you know that I’m A Maaaaan....” *LOL
And when we replied that it for his wife and his daughters.. He smile and said “Terimakasih very much”
And when he put the gift to the box again and he hold blankon, we said “Wear the blankon, wear it”
Miyavi said “No no no, HELL NO, because you know, I’m A ROCK STAR!” *LOL LOL LOL
Arrogant star, but you know, we love him because of these things too. And we were laugh because his funny answer. And he tried to tease us with put the ‘blankon’ on top of his head. Oh My God.. So cute. Hahahahaha. Upss I said cute again :p

And sooooo... I can’t believe that the showcase was over.. It makes me sad, because i want to heard more and more songs from him.  But Miyavi~san who is kindhearted rocker LOL shake audiences hand that were standing near stage. How lucky of the audiences that can shaked hand with him or touched his hand in that time. I was rather jealous, but when I thought that I have been shaked hand with him *for many times :p, i was suddenly happy for the lucky audiences and winners of cosplay too. I just thought that I was too lucky enough :D. 

And when he said that he will come again, “GUE BAKAL DATANG LAGI”. I don’t know why my eyes was tearing. He promised that he’ll come back again!! Oh My God. I don’t know why but that’s simple statement was touched my heart. And i want to cry when he said that. Miyavi~san, you are the best ever. You have came to Indonesia is like a magic to me and you want back again is like double magic to me. And now, I just can wait when the Japanese Samurai Guitarist will fullfilled his promise. I will wait patiently. I am waiting. I hope his music will develop more and more cool and rockin. He seems to be working with tons of cool people with different styles that can only contribute to his music, not to mention getting the chance to play big concerts/festivals with some well-known bands within the rock scene....Keep fighting Miyavi~san!!!! Without changing everything you still kept changing. I will not lose to you... You are trying hard to find and reach your dream, and i will find and reach my dream too. When we meet again I will proudly say that I am changing to be better better better than ever without changing everything (myself) too. You are truly my inspiration and i love being your fans. Let’s become together through music (yeh??!!) \\(>0<)//

P.S : After the show, when i was buying some souvenirs, I greet Miyavi’s Manager (i know him because I meet him the day before. I called him “Miyavi’s Manager!” (because i don’t know his name) and he looked at me when I called him and he replied with smile “Yes!” 
“Thank you for coming to Indonesia, and i hope you all will come back again next time, please tell Miyavi~san about that.” I said.
And Miyavi’s Manager repplied, “Ah thanks, I’m gonna tell Miyavi about that.”
“Thank you so much” and I invited him to high-five. He was rather confuse but he high-five with me and smile *LOL (maybe, he thought “Who is this girl?? Is she crazy or somewhat like that??” *LOL)


So long live report (HEY, IT’S NOT LIVE CONCERT REPORT!! YOU JUST MADE A FAIRYTALE DUDE *LOL).. Hope you enjoy it Co-MIYAVIZ... I love Miyavi and you too... :*

P.S : thanks so much for Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta that bring him in their anniversary.. your choice is really excellent.. keep rock \m/ , thanks for Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta staffs, thanks for new great friends from Miyavi Indonesia, and thanks to all co-miyaviz Indonesia and co-miyaviz all over the world that felt happy with us too.. You all are really rock!!!! Keep supporting! BE ONE! \m/

Last Memories Picture :)

my ticket was torn forcely (T.T) and i dont know what will i do with the cigarettes *LOL

i really love this handphone strap!!!!

maybe i will wear it in concert next time? :p

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