Thursday, November 8, 2012

Prolog : Miyavi's Live Concert in Indonesia

// First, I’m really sory for the gramatical error, i don’t mean that, i am just not expert in English LOL.

So, who don't know this MIYAVI? \(^0^)/
Okay, i know that this post is sooo not update because I should post this report from 30 days ago *LOL. But i think it’s not a big problem, i just want to share this happiness with you dude.
Yeahh!! Actually, i don’t know how and from where i will be starting to tell you about this story, but i will do my best to report this Great Miyavi’s Live Concert in Indonesia. This Great Miyavi’s Live Concert in Indonesia was held in two places, that are in Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta and Hard Rock Cafe Bali. But I will just make the report about Miyavi’s Live Concert in Jakarta that took place in Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta on 9th October 2012 exactly *honestly, i want to go to Bali too, i want to watch Miyavi’s Live Concert there but unexpectedly my wallet says NO hahahahahaha :p, i have no money to go to Bali (>,<)

So, the first time I heard about Miyavi’s Live Concert is from my first younger sister, my really pretty sister, Eve ^^. You need know that both of us are falling in love deeply with Miyavi~san from a long long long time ago. Aaa~~not just my first sister that love him but also my really-pretty-second-younger sister too, Airi. She loves him a lot but unfortunately she couldn’t came to the concert. Actually, she really want to go to the concert but the concert was held in Tuesday, and it’s school time not holiday time!!! She’s so disappointed so I hope Miyavi~san will come back again next time, soon. So sister, concentrate in your study cause I know Miyavi~san will come back again next time. And i’m sure we can watch him together. I have one sister again, but unfortunately my really-pretty-youngest sister isn’t idolize Miyavi~san like we did, it’s not because she doesn’t like Miyavi~san or his songs. It’s because, I was going to the college in different town from my hometown so I haven’t lead her in the right way kikikikik *kiddin. She’s in love with SMASH now, a boyband from Indonesia, *Oh God pleaseeee ==
That news about Miyavi’s Live Concert came when I returned home from a place where I am earning money for living. When the fatigue attacked me, suddenly there’s one message from my sister, and I read it directly, and when I read the content of my sister’s message, I’m really shocked, this the content of the message *I translate it in English of  course :
“Sisteeeer, Miyavi will hold Live Concert in Indonesia !!!!!! XD” (20 Sept 2012 – 20:28)

 I just can be silent for a moment at the time I read the message. Don’t believe what I read that time. Oh My God, it’s crazy!! I really feel the different sensation when i read that message, it was really for the first time i read message that can make my heart beating soooo fast, too fast maybe. I felt like i was absorbed in the world that I don’t know before. My hand shaked too much and my brain was really blank at that time. I don’t know what I must do, the feeling is so more over when there’s a boy sent a  message to me, a love confession message. I even couldn’t replied directly to my sister because my hand shaked too much, i can’t press the alphabets in my handphone screen correctly. And my sister is lost her mind too in her place, so she sent message to me again * i translate in English again :p :

“Sisteeeer, let’s watch the Live Concert !!!” (20 Sept 2012 – 20:47)

So, with fast-hard-beating-heart, i called my sister (i can not texted message rightly so i decided to call my sister) and asked whether it right or not, from where she got the news, from where we could bought ticket and when the concert will be hold. When i really got the certain statement from my sister that the Miyavi’s Live Concert will really be hold in Indonesia, i directly called the number that my sister gave. Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta phone number. Ticket Hotline.

With the fast-hard-beating-heart i tried to give a call to Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta. I am waiting but apparently the hotline was busy. I tried to give a call again but it was still busy. And tried to keep calling but the hotline kept still busy. Oh My God!! How many people out of there that calling Hard Rock cafe Jakarta??! Are everyone out of there calling right now??! Are all of Jakarta citizens calling Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta right now??! It was really driving me crazy. I’m panic. And i spent the night just to call Hard Rock Jakarta that time. Aahh~~ I forget to tell you about something too, I spent all my pulse too. Kkkk.

And in condition that I was losing my mind, I tried to search all information about that Miyavi Live’s Concert in internet, google, facebook, twitter or any media that can give me information about that, but unfortunately there was no news that makes me satisfied. I didn’t get any news at that time and it was really driving me crazy and I was starting too tweet crazy things like ::

Okay, I know that WAS so tacky but i don’t care about anything anymore. It was all about Miyavi’s Live Concert at that time. MIYAVI WILL COME TO INDONESIA!! That Miyavi~san. A person that has hobby to slap his guitar! Am I still be care if I’ve gone be crazy? Who will be care if i’m doing something that make they think that i have lost my mind? I really don’t care. And i am tacky this time just because of Miyavi. Just in this moment. I am so serious :p.
Well, so you must know that I loooveeeee Miyavi from a long long long looooooong time ago!! When he was still young in his teenage age. When sometimes i still heard no melody in his guitar sound kikikikikik. When he still such a weird person (hmmm.. i think Miyavi still weird until now hahahahaha :p). When his hairstyle and haircolour was soooo abstract hahahahaha (like his characteristic : abstract ==,). When he still thin like a model (until now, he’s still thin, aa~~so envy XD). When he still like a crazy person that need treatment from psychiatrist *kidding, but i never thought of anything else about it, I think Miyavi~san still crazy :p. When all of the piercings still sticked in all over of his body (when you see him in his young time, you maybe presume that he’s body piercing and tattoo maniac). But well, it looks good to see him now without the piercing *but I really love the tattoos, I relieved that he didn’t remove the tattoos :D. And when he hasn’t a beautiful wife (Melody) :| and two angel daughters (Lovelie and Jewelie) that really cute and chubby!! ^^ . He’s a man and a daddy now ;).
From this

To this.... *mmm, okay he's a man and daddy but still handsome, don't see the difference looks from before :p

Okaaay, I love him since 2004 when “Ashita Genki Ni Naare” was out.. So long time isn’t it? Yes, I was so addicted to him when I watched “Ashita Genki Ni Naare” MV from the CD that i borrowed from my friend. I really love the ‘wind breeze’ that I felt from this song :D. It’s for the first time I saw Miyavi and heard his music. I saw him walked, run and did some undescribeable dances just like drunked autistic person. My first impression of him maybe sounds weird. But, I don’t know why, I start loving him since that day.

I still remember when I start to idolize Miyavi in my life, I have been really curious about him that time. So in small city where I lived, that really far from ‘All About Japan’ news, I bring myself to enter Warnet (a place to rental computer that connect to internet) because I just want to know about Miyavi more and his other songs.  And I still remember that the first song that I downloaded that time is “Taritararara”. I downloaded that song and waiting the download to complete for about 3 hours, and you know what? Unfortunately it was not complete and the song that i got just cover of 02.56 minutes for the entire song... Damn connection at that time!! Really made me gone crazy. But because that was the one that i got that time, so i really appreciate this song. Eventhough it just 02.56 minutes, i still played that song repeatedly everyday (before I got the complete version and other songs of course).
And i still remember that i’ve become a weird person because i love Miyavi alone in my school and no one in my school know about him kkkkkkk. Because at that time the music in my era is covered by cool band from Indonesia like Dewa or Ada Band, and even they know about band from Japan, the band that they know maybe just Laruku, Dir En Grey or Gazette. It’s not that I don’t like cool bands from Indonesia, I love all of their songs. It just maybe I have been obsessed with Miyavi more and more. More than I ever know. 
Back to story, because i couldn’t connect to Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta the night before (and it really made me can’t sleep), the noon when break time in my office, i tried again to call Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta. Be Answered!! With full of nervous I started to have a chat with the person accross telephone. Unfortunately the news about Live Concert hasn’t been publicity yet and the ticket hasn’t be start to be sold. The person accross the phone just ask my number if there’s news about it later, she will call me. I through the days (Friday, Saturday) with anxiety. I always checked news update from Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta’s twitter or facebook.
By the way, this is the awesome video advertisement of the live concert that was played in television, check out guys ;) : 

And then when Sunday, i haven’t opened and checked twitter or facebook yet from morning. And when I opened it at noon time I really shocked because presale ticket was starting to be sold. So I directly asked my friend to accompany me to get the ticket so we go to Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta... and taraaaaa, I GOT IT!!!! Eventhought it still in receipts form not ticket form, but finally I GOT IT!!!! OOOO YEAHHHH!!!

Well, honestly, actually i really really surprised when i heard about the news : Miyavi’s Live Concert!!! I really never imagined that the day of Miyavi’s Live Concert will come. Never imagined before!! It really touched my heart. After I tweeted to Miyavi when his birthday 14 September 2012, my wish in there, I ask him to come to Indonesia and i never imagined that the wish came true. THANKS GOD!

Anyway, I’m happy, extremely happy because you know as fans of ‘all about Japan wanna be’ there’s always loooong time to go to watch or meet our idola. Example like Laruku, Laruku fans waiting for many many years just to watch Laruku concert in Indonesia..
And that’s happen to me too!! But in my case, the idol is not Laruku *LOL, but our Japanese Samurai Guitarist... What’s his name?? MIYAVI..!!! you know i have been waiting him for many years, even though he’s married and i felt like idiot sometimes, but dont ever misunderstand me, i love him.... okay.... physically because all of u girls –who loves him- surely aware about her handsome cute and rockin face. But the one thing that i know i can’t madly in love for someone just because his looks. I madly in love with his music too.. His musics never make me bored, eventhough you know he had did some experiment in his music but i think i can go along well to his musics, and i’m soooo deep immersed in his music. He has colorful music genres and i really love that. So i can tell you in here, maybe i can called my self as his big fans (actually i still vague about this too, i still have no confident to called myself as his big fans) but the one thing that you must know is i’m not a crazy woman *oh, please! == *you must believe me this time. Please? Kkkkkkk :p

The report will continue in THIS page :)

with love

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