Saturday, November 24, 2012

my graduation day ~ so late posting

Okay, actually i have graduated from my college from a loooong time ago, but i haven't posted about it yet. Yepp, until now *LOL. I always forget when i want to post about it.
But here i am now, starting too post it :)
And why suddenly i want to post this? Because tomorrow i will go to my bestfriend's graduation day!! I will post about it later, and i guarantee that i will post it on time hahahaha

Soooo, let me tell you about my graduation day. I was graduated on, okay i rather forget the date, wait me for the moment *LOL
Found the date after 5 minutes searching for the file hahahahahaha.
I was graduated on 31 March 2012. Now you really think, i post too late right? *LOL
But, that day was one of the happiest and greatest time in my life. It was like I have completed one of many missions in my life. The feeling is so great when my hardest work for my final paper is finished and finally I got an A like I always dream of. And i was very very very happy when my parent is coming and they felt proud of me, eventhough i didn't get any acknowledgment like best college student or get highest mark, they are very happy when I wear my graduation toga, finished my studying and get the title of bachelor degree. And i am very happy when my parent happy too :)
Thank u so much Mom and Dad!! Although sometimes I feel dying when i was doing my final paper, you are always encouraging me :)

Some of me and my family pics ::

Me with toga :)

My lovely family, Dad, My first sister (my second and third sister couldn't came because of their school), me and Mom
Mom, you didn't look to camera... hahaha

Some of me and my friends pics ::

My best friends, Ratri and Tuti
Tuti, Me, Kak Afi, Ratri
My friends from my class : ibun, nindy, mira, lukman, amoy, dona, ratri, Me :)
Ata, Tuti, Nia, Ratri, Cepi, Me

Ata, Tuti, Nia, Cepi, Me :)
Restu, Ratri, Me, Nia, Tuti

I got lot of flowers and i am really happy, big thanks for all my friends that came and/or gave me congratulations, i love you guys, and big thanks to Agus, my friend that gave me the biggest bouquet \\(^0^)// *by the way, can i post your photos? *LOL

As you can see, i wear KEBAYA, it's Indonesia's traditional clothes, i wear the one that came from Java Island. Actually I want to wear purple Kebaya, but unfortunately I couldn't got the purple Kebaya that matched for me. So I was in pink. I think the Kebaya is pretty enough *but I swear, if I get married later, I will wear purple kebaya *LOL. What do you think about my pink Kebaya? :D
By the way, it's for the first time I wear full make up :DDDD

Some of the beautiful flower pics that i was taken ::

Yepp, that was my graduation day, one of my happiest day, unforgettable moment ever :)
Thank you for reading my post... love you guys \\(^^)//



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  3. Congratulation on your graduation!

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    1. dan aku baru baca komen kamu juga :))
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