Monday, February 28, 2011

the rainfall

and this is me... loving to walk in the middle of rain, wearing my white favourite jacket, taking my lovely purple umbrella, and then listening to a "Chasey Chamberg's song" A Million Tears
and this is me... feeling happy because when the rain falls, people only can hear raindrops sound that touch the ground
and this is me... feeling relieved because when the rain falls, people will get busy to avoid it so they won't notice the others
and this is me... trying to thinking about everything, but ending it with nothing and finally taking the time to be drowned in my daydreaming
and this is me... closing the eyes, inhaling the fresh oxygen, smelling the wet moss, relaxing my mind and then crying silently

sungguh gambar yang amat cupu ahahahahaha XD

i really love this picture and of course rain :)

*Oh My God, saya masih sempet ngeblog dan nonton dorama, saya belum memikirkan apapun-hal-yang-mungkin-akan-berhubungan dengan TA saya... @.@
konsen please!!!

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